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smallest square triangular number other than 1

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According to Buddha

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain? 

i was drifting through my photographs from Amsterdam

reflecting on a week of worldviews

which left me wondering…


everybody knows

an eye for an eye justice

is blind


two wrongs make a right

 is still wrong…

…now twice as wrong?

5th tetrahedral number

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according to Buddha

In this world
Hate never yet dispelled hate.
Only love dispels hate.
This is the law,
Ancient and inexhaustible.

Senseless Violence or Zinloos Geweld

seems all violence is senseless…

probably, rarely meaningless…

when i took this photograph at the B.E.P cafe in Den Haag, Netherlands

i didn’t know of Jantje Hertogs or of his senseless murder

but i know senseless violence…

seeing his image…reading internet stories about his murder…

made me think about how our community acknowledges senseless violence...

…as Edmonton’s homicide rate has the distinction of being the nation’s worst

i can read…sad eerie cyber bits…that linger leaving haunting fragments

about Edmonton murder victims

telling snippets of missing pieces…these senselessness deaths,

make me so sad,

but in the end there is only love…

sending love and peace to…

1: Mohamud Mohamed Jama,

2: Niko Arlia,

3: Daniel Nickel,

4: Christopher Allan Pirie,

5: Cyrus Green,

6: Colby Baker,

7: Jeanette Marie Cardinal,

8: Jaswinder Takhar,

9: Marietta Eschavez,

10: unknown 7-year-old disabled boy,

11: Stacey Steinhauer,

12: Gyozo Victor Barasso,

13: Gerry Oar,

14: Bullen Ambassa,

15: Kinling Robin Fire,

16: Michael Roach,

17: John Stanley Kwiatkowski,

18: Kerry Takkiruq,

19: Perry Kit Wong,

20: Eloise Fendelet,

21: Jane Doe,

22: Barry Raymond Stewart,

23: Ronald George Primeau,

24: John Gavin Lindsay,

25: Yusuf Abdirahim,

26: Bob Anderson,

27: Abdi Ali Mohamud,

28: Bruce Lee Dumais,

29: William Reid Arthur Hill,

30: Cindy Gladue,

31: Ahmed Ismail-Sheikh,

32: Michael Wayne Tunnicliffe,

33: Kyle Gayda,

34: Eric Larry Cardinal,

35: Eric Janvier,

36: Anna Fedorio,

37: Mason Tex Montgrand,

38: Mohan Heer,

39: Kyle Joy-Trussert,

40: Chrysostom Caragay Marquez,

41: Daniel Charles Hamer,

42: Jason Trundle,

43: Trevor Greenway,

44: unknown 22 year old male….

as of 11.10.15

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