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Sundays number by Billy Crystal

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According to Buddha

Anger takes many forms: touchiness, impatience, displeasure, jealousy, irritability, unhappiness, moodiness. Actually, every one of us has a problem with anger to some degree, unless we are in samadhi.

hb images - Porto woman - bw well now

‘that feeling’ ~ Porto, April 2018

❤️ Dear Sloppy Buddhist followers. ❤️

I am in Hamburg, Germany and yesterday my Adobe Lightroom ‘disappeared‘ from my computer and this is the program I use to both upload and edit my images. I did however received this message.

“Sie befinden sich außerhalb der USA? Auf der Adobe-Website für Ihre Region finden Sie Informationen zu den für Sie relevanten Preisen, Angeboten und Veranstaltungen.”

Zur Website für Deutschland

Currently, I am unable to connect with Adobe here in Hamburg due to my lack of German so I am choosing to share one more image from my April travels in Portugal…you know ‘that feeling’. I will need to figure out what happened or what I did so I am practicing some Buddhist philosophy…in my sloppy hedy way. 😉

My joy is to photograph, meet with new people and explore new places/spaces. Therefore I am choosing not to be indoors in front of my computer figuring out my LR issues. I am also choosing not to be disappointed in myself for not remembering passwords, codes or hanging on the telephone. So I just wanted to let you all know I’ll be back up and running with new visual stories in a few days.

As well, please know I truly appreciate all your *likes*, comments, and supportive words very much. Compose another beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ✌️😊


Hamburg, Germany ~ August 2018





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