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19th Strobogrammatic number

In Architecture, Buddhist philosophical concepts, by Hedy Bach, Colour photography, Fotografia, FujiX100V, Minimal photography, minimalism, New Topographics, Photography, Street photography, Words of music on 2021/05/30 at 04:00

According to Buddha

The end is another beginning.

so don’t forget to breathe
don’t forget to breathe
your whole life is here


blue stairs a few weeks or months ago ~ Granville Island Public Market ~ Vancouver BC~ May 2021

Mostow’s submarine number plus 400

In Art, Buddhist philosophical concepts, Colour photography, Documentary, FujiX100V, iPhoneography, Photography, Words of music on 2021/04/07 at 04:00

According to Buddha

If you can’t smell the fragrance don’t come into the garden of love. If you’re unwilling to undress don’t enter into the stream of truth. Stay where you are. Don’t come our way.

l’océan va
l’océan vient
ses algues brunes
tissent nos liens
l’océan bat
l’océan tient
souffle la dune
délie nos liens
si tu entends


 fish at the Granville Island Public Market ~ Vancouver BC ~ March 2021

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