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According to Buddha

These two people are hard to find in the world. Which two? The one who is first to do a kindness, and the one who is grateful and thankful for a kindness done. 

InFocus Edmonton Pho#95CA38
Hedy Bach Photography

TITLE: Man and Dog


As an imagemaker I study how the world around me looks and sounds through ordinary harmony and fittingness. I work daily with my camera and with words to compose beautiful “thought things” (Arendt, 1978) as a way to form ideas and to inspire reflection and rumination; perhaps start a conversation.

My photographs are allegories for my understandings of human desire for settlement of spaces and places in which people and things fit together. I try to negotiate my subjectivities of looking and composing my “thought things” with (Scruton, 2009) ideas of why beauty matters, to see the remedy of beauty as an instrument of peace.

~ Hedy Bach ~ 2014-11-30

InFocus Edmonton Pho#95CA37 (1)

you’ve been so kind and generous
i don’t know how you keep on giving
for your kindness i’m in debt to you
and i never could have come this far without you
so for everything you’ve done

you know i’m bound…
i’m bound to thank you for it

i want to thank you
for your generosity
i want to thank you
show my gratitude

i want to…
thank you.

Thank you ALL kindly for following my WordPress Sloppy Buddhist blog…for your ‘likes’ of my posts…please know your encouragement, your comments and your kind messages continues to nudge me further with my exploration of photography than I ever imagined…‘Man and Dog’ (2014) is my first curated photograph in this month’s upcoming ‘InFocus Edmonton’ exhibition…I’m thrilled…heart felt appreciation and gratitude to you all…compose a happy day/night…smiles ~ hedy ~


Edmonton, Alberta ~ InFocus YEG ~ 15-02-21.


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