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Funny iHeartRadio number

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According to Buddha

The heart is an organ of perception.

hedy bach images - broken glass - 13

hedy bach images - broken glass - 11

hedy bach images - cracked glass - 5

hedy bach images - broken glass - 12-2

now the angel’s got a fiddle
the devil’s got a harp
every soul is like a minnow
every mind is like a shark
i’ve broken every window
but the house, the house is dark
i care but very little
i’ve come here to revisit
what happens to the heart

now what happens to the heart


Aldon Auto Salvage, Lamont, AB ~ October 2019


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according to Buddha

To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.

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let me hear your words for snow….

oh come on, it’s only -22…

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