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i love you shorthand text number

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According to Buddha

Where now and here meet, I is nowhere.

hedy bach images - icecakes - 17

hedy bach images - icecakes - 14

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and i’m never ready
’cause i know, i know, i know
that time won’t let me
show what i want to show


ice cakes ~ North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ December 2019

legoland cowboy set number

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According to Buddha

When immortals behave like mortals, they experience the changes of joy, sorrow, and indifference in their natures. That is why you must destroy this grafted nature of changeability on your unchangeable nature of joy. And when you have found your own nature of unchangeable joy, you will be able to enjoy everything, either pleasant or disagreeable with your unchangeable, indestructible joy. Your joy will stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking earthly pleasures.

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 1

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 2

hedy bach photography - bridge ice cake walk - 6

hedy bach photography - morning ice cake walk - 4

hedy bach photography - bridge ice cake walk - 7

you woke a little early when the sun took at the night
in another city someone’s turning on a light
everyone’s the same in a hundred other ways
spinning off in circles ’til the atoms hit the rails
the atoms hit the rails
you’re last, you’re least, you love, you lose
you fall, you break, you’re someone new
everything is making you


North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ November 2017

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