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According to Buddha

Dualism is the real root of our suffering and of all our conflicts. All our concepts and beliefs, no matter how profound they may seem, are like nets which trap us in dualism. When we discover our limits we have to try to overcome them, untying ourselves from whatever type of religious, political or social conviction may condition us. We have to abandon such concepts as ‘enlightenment’, ‘the nature of the mind’, and so on, until we are no longer satisfied by a merely intellectual knowledge, and until we no longer neglect to integrate our knowledge with our actual existence.

hedy bach images - forest - 4-2

hedy bach images - forest - 1

hedy bach images - forest - 2-2

hedy bach images - forest - 5

by the sacred grove, where the waters flow
we will come and go, in the forest
in the summer rain, we will meet again
we will learn the code of the ancient ones
in the forest


a walk in the woods ~ White Rock BC. ~ July 2019


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