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According to Buddha

Avoid a negative approach to life. Why gaze down the sewers when there is loveliness all around us? One may find some fault in even the greatest masterpieces of art, music, and literature. But isn’t it better to enjoy their charm and glory?

hb images - nasturtium - 1_

hb images - nasturtium - 11

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if you want another secret
can’t back out, or make it
you ain’t ever gonna be it
by takin’ someone else’s away
never take it for granted
you don’t have to understand it
here’s to whatever puts a smile on your face
whatever makes you happy people


Tropaeolum (nasturtium) – my garden ~ Etown, AB ~ August 2018

Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid number

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according to Buddha

Ambition is like love, impatient both of delays and rivals.


hedy bach photography

hedy bach photography




good day sunshine,
good day sunshine,
good day sunshine.
and then we lie, beneath a shady tree,
i love her and she’s loving me.


Edmonton, Alberta ~ 2014

number of pandolfini’s endgame positions

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according to Buddha

Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it’s price.





trying hard now
it’s so hard now
trying hard now


Edmonton, Alberta ~ Olympics 2014 ~ Women’s snowboard cross 


3 with 2 bookends

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according to Buddha

Careful amidst the careless, amongst the sleeping wide-awake, the intelligent man leaves them all behind, like a race-horse does a mere hack.




what’s new


Edmonton, 2014 ~ domestic cat

Pacific orchestral work by Arthur Honegger

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according to Buddha

Just as flowers open up and bear fruits, just as the moon appears and invariably grow full, just as a lamp becomes brighter when oil is added, and just as plants and trees flourish with rain, so will human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes.




hedy bach photography



amaryllis ~ january 2014 ~ mobile shots

23rd semiprime

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according to Buddha

Do everything with a mind that lets go. Don’t accept praise or gain or anything else. If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.

peace…piece in a poisonous paradise

piece…peace intoxicated by substances that damage living or non-living organisms…toxic.

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