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Alagasta asteroid number

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According to Buddha

We have to restore the meaning of the word ‘love.’ We have been using it in a careless way. When we say, ‘I love hamburgers,’ we are not talking about love. We are talking about our appetite, our desire for hamburgers. We should not dramatize our speech and misuse words like that. We make words like ‘love’ sick that way. We have to make an effort to heal our language by using words carefully. The word ‘love’ is a beautiful word. We have to restore its meaning.

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i got an ol’ pair of boots
and they fit just right
i can work all day
and i can dance all night
i got an ol’ used car
and it runs just like a top
i get the feelin’ it ain’t
ever gonna stop

stuff that works, stuff that holds up
the kind of stuff you don’ hang on the wall
stuff that’ real, stuff you feel
the kind of stuff you reach for when you fall


Joey’s Place, Edmonton AB ~ January 2019

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