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Number of Mark Garvey miles

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According to Buddha

Don’t prolong the past,
Don’t invite the future,
Don’t alter your innate wakefulness,
Don’t fear appearances,
There’s nothing more than that!

hedy bach - sunrise + juno - 1

hedy bach - sunrise + juno - 2

hedy bach - sunrise + juno - 3

i looked a coyote right in the face
on the road to baljennie, near my old home town
he went running thru the whisker wheat
chasing some prize down
and a hawk was playing with him
coyote was jumping straight up and making passes
he had those same eyes just like yours


me and my dog just after dark a day or so ago ~ Etown ~ April 2020

atomic number of prometheum

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according to Buddha

Do not speak…unless it improves on silence.

no regrets


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