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Hank Aaron’s legendary home run number

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According to Buddha

The eye is burning, visible forms are burning, eye-consciousness is burning, eye-contact is burning; also whatever is felt as pleasant or painful or neither-painful-nor-pleasant that arises with eye-contact as its condition, that too is burning. Burning with what? Burning with the fire of greed, with the fire of hate, with the fire of delusion, with birth, aging, and death, with sorrow, with lamentation, with pain, grief, and despair it is burning.

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hb images - LegLib - 2

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if it be your will
if there is a choice
let the rivers fill
let the hills rejoice
let your mercy spill
on all these burning hearts in hell
if it be your will
to make us well


Legislature Library, Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Edmonton ~ October 2018

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