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Medium tensile carbon steel number

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According to Buddha

The winter solstice is the time of ending and beginning, a powerful time…a time to contemplate your immortality. A time to forgive, to be forgiven, and to make a fresh start. A time to awaken. 

we stood
steady as the stars in the woods
so happy-hearted
and the warmth rang true inside these bones
as the old pine fell we sang
just to bless the morning


a day or so ago ~ Wagner Natural Area rests on Treaty 6 lands ~ December 2021

Boeing Stratoliner first commercial aircraft number

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According to Buddha

What’s done to the children is done to society.

scanned hedy photos

i feel just like a child

well i feel just like a child

i feel just like a child

i feel just like a child

from my womb to my tomb

you can tell by my smile

that i’m a child

and i need you to sit me on your lap

and i need you to make me take my nap

could you first pull out a book and

read me some of that


Calgary, Alberta ~ random herstory portrait.

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