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11 minutes 25 seconds in seconds

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According to Buddha

The consciousness flowing with the life force through the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch makes human conscious of matter.  But by meditation when consciousness and life force are withdrawn from the five senses, the astral nature of the life force, along with the consciousness and other aroused divine forces in the spinal centers, look like rivers of light flowing upward toward the ocean of light of spirit in the brain.

hb images - river edge - 2_

hb images - river edge - 5

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hb images - river edge - 1_

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be on my side, i’ll be on your side, baby
there is no reason for you to hide
it’s so hard for me, staying here all alone
when you could be taking me for a ride

down by the river
i shot my baby
down by the river


River edge ~ North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ June 2018

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