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Year of the Tmogvi earthquake

In Buddhist philosophical concepts, by Hedy Bach, close up, Colour photography, dog, Emotion, FujiX100V, Imagemaker, Macro, minimalism, nature, Photography, Street photography, Words of music on 2022/05/25 at 04:00

According to Buddha

When was the last time you looked up and marvelled at a starry night? Do you see the myriad colours and shapes in all you see? Do you stop and smell the scent of the roses? Do you taste the rich flavours of every meal? Do you feel and enjoy the hot shower at the end of a hard day’s work? And perhaps more importantly, are you mindful of your mind, of your thoughts and feelings? Without mental mindfulness, there is no mindfulness of the senses.

there’s a mad dog pulling at his chain
a hint of danger in his eye
alarm bells raging round his brain
and the chimney’s broken in the sky
wake up
wake up and smell the roses


a day or so ago in White Rock, BC. which lies on the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ May 2022

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