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According to Buddha

Look at appearance-emptiness forms,
Listen to sound and emptiness sounds,
Rest in mind's nature, clarity-emptiness,
And when your thoughts free themselves,
Laugh, oh laugh "Ha ha! Hee hee!
never saw the sun shining so bright
never saw things going so right
noticing the days hurrying by
when you’re in love, my how they fly
blue days
all of them gone
nothing but blue skies
from now on


water tower a couple of weeks ago in Town Of Viking ~ Beaver County.  ~ November 2021

Freaks horror year

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According to Buddha

It is also possible within this lifetime to enhance the power of the mind, enabling one to reaccess memories from previous lives. Such recollection tends to be more accessible during meditative experiences in the dream state. Once one has accessed memories of previous lives in the dream state, one gradually recalls them in the waking state.

strange things are happening everyday
i hear the music up above my head
though the sight of my heart has left me again
i hear music up above


a couple of weeks ago at Aldon Auto Salvage Ltd ~ Lamont AB ~ on Treaty 6 traditional lands ~ October 2021

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According to Buddha

All sentient beings are exactly the same in that every one desires happiness and seeks to avoid misery. We are not isolated entities disconnected from each other. The happiness and suffering of other beings affect us. This mutual relation is obvious. Sentient beings have been kind and have benefited us directly and indirectly throughout beginningless time. These beings are intrinsically the same as us in their pursuit of happiness and effort to avoid suffering. Thus, it is essentially logical for us to train in cultivating an impartial attitude wishing for the happiness of all beings.

this is the dawn
this is the moment
stomp your feet on the back on the earth 
so she can breathe


a day ago Bison in Elk Island Park, Beaverhills area acknowledges  Treaty Six lands ~ October 2021

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According to Buddha

So resolve yourselves. It’s not just by sitting with your eyes closed that you develop wisdom. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind are constantly with us, so be constantly alert. Study constantly. Seeing trees or animals can all be occasions for study. Bring it all inwards. See clearly within your own heart. If some sensation makes impact on the heart, witness it clearly for yourself, don’t simply disregard it.

i know somewhere
there is a party going down
interesting people
conversation to be found
i’ve lived in cities
where there is no solitude
i’ve made some friends here
that i hope i never lose
but, for now
i want to stay in this quiet town


a week ago ~ the Lund farm house ~ Dowling Lake ~ acknowledging Treaty 7 territory land ~ October 2021

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According to Buddha

Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes, it obstructs your vision.

she grew up in a small town
never put her roots down
daddy always kept movin’
so she did too
well somewhere on a desert highway


a day or so ago in Bruce ~ Beaver County ~ acknowledging Treaty 6 land, AB~ October 2021

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