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Hexadecimal 33b number

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According to Buddha

It is only when we push ourselves beyond our limits that our success becomes meaningful to ourselves and respected by others.

hedy bach images - bball 3_-2

hedy bach images - bball 2_

hedy bach images - bball 4

i put my armor on, show you how strong how i am
i put my armor on, i’ll show you that i am

‘i’m unstoppable
i’m a porsche with no brakes
i’m invincible
yeah, i win every single game
i’m so powerful
i don’t need batteries to play
i’m so confident, yeah, i’m unstoppable today
unstoppable today, unstoppable today
unstoppable today, i’m unstoppable today


FIBA Women’s Olympic Pre-Qualifying Americas Tournament ~ Etown ~ November 2019

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