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According to Buddha

If you are infected with the germs of worry you should go on a strict mental diet. You should feast regularly on the society of joyful minds. Every day you should associate, if only for a little while, with joy-instilled persons–those who meditate and feel the joy of spirit as a reality. Seek them out and feast with them on this most vitalising food of joy. Feast on laughter in the company of these really joyful people. Steadfastly continue your laughter diet once you have begun it, and at the end of a month or two you will see the change–your mind will be filled with sunshine. 

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well, i could play you
play you the blues
to help carry the load
while you’re paying your dues

but i got soul
i got sweet soul

you’ve been often
you been tossed and tangled
in search of what’s good


along the Hwy 22 – Cowboy Trail ~ July 2018

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