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square root of 616225

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According to Buddha

The light of the sun is the manifestation of the clarity of the sky; and the sky is the basic condition necessary for the manifestation of the sun’s light. So, too, in the sky two, three, four, or any number of suns could arise; but the sky always remains indivisibly one sky. Similarly, every individual’s state of presence is unique and distinct, but the void nature of the individual is universal, and common to all beings.

hedy bach images - lake m - 1

hedy bach images - lake m - 2

hedy bach images - lake m - 5

hedy bach images - lake m - 5-2

one of these mornin’s
you’re gonna rise up singin’
you’re gonna spread your wings
and fly to the sky


Lake Minnewanka (/ˌmɪnəˈwɑːŋkə/) (“Water of the Spirits” in Nakoda) ~ Banff National Park ~ June 2019

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