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211 + 223 + 227

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According to Buddha

We should pattern our life by a triangular guide: calmness and sweetness are the two sides; the base is happiness. Every day, one should remind him/herself: ” I am a princess of peace, sitting on the throne of poise, directing my kingdom of activity.” Whether one acts quickly or slowly, in solitude or in the busy marts of wo/men, her center should be peaceful, poised.

hb images - Geneva DT - people - 5

hb images - Geneva DT - people - 3

hb images - Geneva DT - people - 2

hb images - Geneva DT - people - 4

hb images - Geneva DT - people - 7

j’ai une amie, vicky
son vrai nom est suzie
on l’appelle sue

je l’appelle vie

un jour, le sud
le lendemain, le nord
le grand nord


downtown Geneva, Switzerland ~ April 2018

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