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Li Qingzhao’s birth year

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According to Buddha.

It is almost impossible to practice loving-kindness towards all living beings without addressing, in a meaningful way, the innumerable problems arising in our own lives. It is a contradiction, you see. It does not work. If our heart is tormented because we are not able to accept things the way they are, then it is impossible to open our heart. It is impossible to let go of all of our defenses and embrace others. Therefore we have to constantly practice and deepen our awareness. We have to remind ourselves to accept things as they are…even reciting slogans, phrases like “I shall accept the way things are.”

when i was a little girl
and the devil would call my name
and i’d say, “who do, who

oh, my mama loves me, she loves me
she gets down on her knees and hugs me
yeah, she loves me like a rock
she rocks me like the rock of ages
she loves me

a day ago West Beach, White Rock lies on the Semiahmoo First Nation ~ May 2022

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