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Mimikyu number

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According to Buddha

Flow and dancing with life and different gears is a good metaphor. So that we have our hands on the steering wheel and we have some choice with attention and intention. So, in meditation, seeing through things, in post meditation, see how things work so you react differently to red and green if it’s a light system. In meditation if you see red, yellow or green, you don’t react differently, because you’re seeing through it as mere imagination, but in post meditation, you know, there’s a driving karma, you react differently based on karma, cause and effect, in the relative world.

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 5

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 3

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 1

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 4

hedy bach images - Cave and Basin 8

uummatiga qiggiqqu

ivvi ijinginni kivivunga



Cave and Basin National Historic Site, Banff National Park ~ May 2019

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