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Battle of Manzikert year

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According to Buddha

The successive existences in a series of rebirths are not like the pearls in a pearl necklace, held together by a string, the ‘soul,’ which passes through all the pearls; rather they are like dice piled one on top of the other. Each die is separate, but it supports the one above it, with which it is functionally connected. Between the dice there is no identity, but conditionality.

people of today remember painted stories
with a kinscape that reflected all living time
and i often wondered what had happened
to those other ones who found themselves denied
 how did you deal with no appeal?
 just an open window


a day ago Kâhasinîskâk Pedestrian Bridge ~  Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ  ~ March 2022

10000001100 binary number

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According to Buddha

If you want to understand suffering you must look into the situation at hand. The teachings say that wherever a problem arises it must be settled right there.

We don’t meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering.


Indigenous Studies ~ Royal Alberta Museum Etown ~ Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ November 2021

Working hour system number

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According to Buddha

Every religion is the product of the conceptual mind attempting to describe the mystery.

remember me
(remember me)
when the sun comes up in the morning sky
there i will be
(there i will be)
soaring with the eagle so high feeling free
remember me
when the sun comes up in the morning sky
down the road
hand in hand


a week ago St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church 5 days later the church was destroyed by fire ~ Morinville, AB ~ June 2021

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