Planet Kepler(b) number

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According to Buddha

In all truly sacred traditions there is an essential resolve to cherish life and treat others ethically and kindly. All these traditions encourage us to be open to divine presence, both within and without, and tell us ‘to practice what we preach’ without hypocrisy or sleight of hand. For many, this message is of essential importance no matter who is carrying it.

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if you want to meet me come on down
if you want to see me on the town
i will bring some of my mistakes
and you will bring a smile right to my face



2019 Orchid Fair – Orchid Society of Alberta ~ Etown ~ April 2019

Berkshire’s Nickel Plate Road number

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According to Buddha

Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.

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i’m leaving the table
i’m out of the game
i don’t know the people
in your picture frame


Schwartz’s Deli Montréal QC ~ April 2019

John Atkins & Polly Johnson’s band number

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According to Buddha

You have to go through the darkness to truly know the light. This may sound like a cliche, but it’s true nonetheless. Often the greatest doubts occur just before a breakthrough.

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le soir ma mère nous chantait quand j’étais enfant
l’histoire d’un bateau perdu et d’un oiseau blanc
un jour le bateau s’en va droit vers l’océan
et seule, le cœur plein d’amour, une fille attend


Edmonton Opéra tour ~Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium ~ April 2019


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