Tigercat D feller buncher number

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According to Buddha

When you know how to listen everybody is the guru.

hedy bach - whyte post - 1

hedy bach - whyte post - 2

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love is but a song to sing
fear’s the way we die
you can make the mountains ring
or make the angels cry
though the bird is on the wing
and you may not know why
come on people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another
right now


a day ago chatted with the humans ~ Whyte avenue Etown ~ May 2020

Royston Tan’s musical-comedy-drama film number

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According to Buddha

The way in which you are part of the web of life, of incarnation, is around the dimensions, you could call it, of compassion, suffering or dealing with suffering. That when you have a society that is built on the denial of other people’s suffering, for the myths of the society to be lived out, you have a very frightened society, and you have all the pathology that comes from fear.

The first part is just acknowledging what is – just acknowledging what is.

hedy bach - spider web - 2

hedy bach - spider web - 1

hedy bach - spider web - 4

everything is everything
what is meant to be, will be
after winter, must come spring
change, it comes eventually


spider webs in the woods ~ Etown ~ May 2020

CHQT radio station

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According to Buddha

The pain of the world will sear and break our hearts because we can no longer keep them closed. We’ve seen too much now. To some degree or other, we have surrendered into service and are willing to pay the price of compassion. But with it comes the joy of a single, caring act. With it comes the honor of participating in a generous process in which one rises each day and does what one can. With it comes the simple, singular grace of being an instrument of love, in whatever form, to whatever end.

hedy bach - tree cross process 1_

hedy bach - tree cross process 4

hedy bach - tree cross process 2

my holdings and my land to again
if we were just to take my name
in the springtime of the year
oh how happy you could be here
in the springtime of the year
the sun will burn up all the snows


sun. snow. rain. Springtime in Etown ~ May 2020

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