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According to Buddha

All the happiness and virtue in this world come from selflessness and generosity, all the sorrow from egotism, selfishness, and greed.

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and we stood there.
side by side.
the two of us.
and didn’t speak.


Ortona Armoury Building Rehabilitation Project, Edmonton AB ~ May 2019

2 x (3^2) x 43

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According to Buddha

You are in charge of your own karma, your own life, your own spiritual path, and your own liberation, just as I am in charge of mine.

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you know i always liked that empty road
no place to be and miles to go
but miles to go is miles away
hello sunshine, won’t you stay?

just after the dark ~ Terwillegar ParkEdmonton, AB ~ April 2019

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According to Buddha

For all of us, love can be the natural state of our own being; naturally at peace, naturally connected, because this becomes the reflection of who we simply are.

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“it is always
nice to see you”
says the man
behind the counter


random streets in Montréal, QC ~ April 2019

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