Lunala number

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According to Buddha

Empty cognizance is our nature. Empty means “not made out of anything whatsoever”; our nature has always been this way. Yet, while being empty, it has the capacity to cognize, to experience, to perceive. It’s not so difficult to comprehend this; to get the theory that this empty cognizance is Buddha nature, self-existing wakefulness. But to leave it at that is the same as looking at the buffet and not eating anything. It’s like staying hungry. Once we put the food in our mouth, we discover what the food tastes like. This illustrates the dividing line between idea and experience.

hedy bach images - goat 13

hedy bach images - goat 3

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hedy bach images - goat 1

hedy bach images - goat 11

if you have two, give one to your friend
if you have three, give one to your friend and me
it’s always more fun
to share with everyone
it’s always more fun
to share with everyone


Loop Resource, goats at Free Rein Ranch ~ Lamont Alberta ~ July 2019

Lockheed Martin P number

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According to Buddha

The universe and the light of the stars come through me.

hedy bach images - starfish - 4

hedy bach images - starfish - 6

hedy bach images - starfish - 11

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i know it all from diogenis to foucault
from lozgechkin to paspartu
i ja kljanus obostzav dva paltza
schto muzika poshla ot zvukov mu!

start wearing purple wearing purple!
start wearing purple for me now!
all your sanity and wits, they will all vanish,
i promise, it’s just a matter of time!


Ochre sea star at low tide White Rock, BC ~ July 2019

KABC radio number

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According to Buddha

Someone who begins to develop an interest in the teachings can tend to distance themselves from the reality of material things, as if the teachings were something completely apart from daily life. Often, at the bottom of all this, there is an attitude of giving up and running away from one’s own problems, with the illusion that one will be able to find something that will miraculously help one to transcend all that. But the teachings are based on the principle of our actual human condition. We have a physical body with all its various limits: each day we have to eat, work, rest, and so on. This is our reality, and we can’t ignore it.

hedy bach images - cowtown - a

hedy bach images - cowtown - 2_

hedy bach images - cowtown - b

hedy bach images - cowtown - c

hedy bach images - cowtown - e

i’ve been living on the outside
looking in
searchin’ for some kind of answer
i’m forever questioning


an evening walk around downtown ~ Calgary, AB ~ July 2019


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