Jack Vast’s Playtime book number

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According to Buddha

Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences. When you can bear the crucifixions of others’ wrongs against you and still return love and forgiveness; and when you can keep that divine inner peace intact despite all painful thrusts of outer circumstance, then you shall know this happiness.

hb images - blue barn wall and window and weed

hb images - dry weed in blue winter

hb images - blue barn wall and weed

i grew up here all of my life
but i dreamed someday i’d go
where the blue eyed girls and red guitars
and the naked rivers flow

i’m not all i thought i’d be
i’ve always stayed around
and i’ve been as far as mercy and grand
frozen to the ground


barn outside of etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ March ~ 2018

number of ways to find your bliss in the Happy Life Checklist book

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According to Buddha

Habits are simply thoughts grooved deeply into the brain. The needle of the mind plays those records of habits again and again. Even the chemistry of the body responds, as with addiction. Applying mind and will can change those patterns. Don’t immediately attempt dramatic changes. Experiment in little things first, to train your inherent power of command.

hb images - winter horse - 10

hb images - winter horse - 9.jpg

hb images - winter horse - 4.jpg

hb images - winter horse - 3

hb images - winter horse - 5

hb images - rider and horse_

say a prayer for the cowgirl, her horse ran away
she’ll walk until she finds him, her darling, her stray
but the river’s in flood and the roads are awash
and the bridges break up in the panic of loss

and there’s nothing to follow, nowhere to go
he’s gone like the summer, gone like the snow


Free Rein Ranch, Lamont, Alberta ~ March 2018

Altered carbons resolution number

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According to Buddha

Winter always turns into Spring.

hb images -house and barn to bw

Hedy Bach Photography

hb images - humans + dogs b-w minimal_

these cold dark places
places i’ve been

in cold dark places
i dream of spring
in cold dark places
i dream of spring


outside of etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~ 2018

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