IATSE makeup artists and hairstylists local number

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According to Buddha

Spend less, and have more, by doing away with luxurious habits. From your earnings put aside as much as possible, so that you can live partially on the interest from your savings, without having to dip into the capital. 

my bonnie lies over the ocean,
my bonnie lies over the sea.
well my bonnie lies over the ocean.
yeah bring back my bonnie to me.


random streets in St. Pauli and Rotherbaum, Hamburg, Germany ~ August 2018

Hijacked book number

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According to Buddha

Gratitude is a way of returning energy for energy received. One who accepts a kindness without returning gratitude, as though the kindness were her by right, demeans both the giver and herself.

hb images - Tpark snow - 8

hb images - Tpark snow - 1

hb images - Tpark snow - 2

september girls
do so much
and for so long
’til we touched


yesterday in the woods ~ Edmonton Alberta ~ September 2018

Norman Lear’s Hauser street number

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According to Buddha

When one becomes momentarily identified with a tragic picture, s/he feels miserable; but when s/he realizes that it is only a part of an entertaining variety show, s/he feels happy. 

hb images - Sternschanze - 1_

hb images - Sternschanze - 13

hb images - Sternschanze - 14

hb images - Sternschanze - 12

hb images - Sternschanze - 6

hb images - Sternschanze - 9

won’t you come home i surrender
i miss my sweet bag of bones
drunk and tender
why don’t you want to stay here suspended
in the dead arms of a year that has ended


Sternschanze quarter in Hamburg,  Germany ~ August 2018

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