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Dorylaeum battle year

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According to Buddha

Above all, be at ease, be as natural and spacious as possible. Slip quietly out of the noose of your habitual anxious self, release all grasping, and relax into your true nature. Think of your ordinary emotional, thought-ridden self as a block of ice or a slab of butter left out in the sun. If you are feeling hard and cold, let this aggression melt away in the sunlight of your meditation. Let peace work on you and enable you to gather your scattered mind into the mindfulness of calm abiding, and awaken in you the awareness and insight of clear seeing. And you will find all your negativity disarmed, your aggression dissolved, and your confusion evaporating slowly like mist into the vast and stainless sky of your absolute nature.

dear readers,

according to WP my sloppy buddhist theme has retired
unbeknownst to me 
so I need to change themes
as a creative white space matters
and after 11 years
1096 posts
I did have white space, just saying.

slowly I’m checking my theme options
curious what i will find to reclaim
my sloppy buddhist aesthetic…

sending you all joy, smiles and open-hearted love ~ hedy


green worm ~ a day or so ago in my backyard, ~ Etown – Amiskwaciwâskahikan ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ ~ June 2022

  1. host your own site, use the wordpress cms to make the pages and you can keep your theme.

    • Good to know Han albeit I’m not sure how to do that, yet…I’ll be curious if that would put all my past posts back to how I had them currently my theme still reads as DePo Masthead…today I’m outside in our sun and summery day…appreciate you saying this ☺️🙏🤓☀️hugs hedy

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  3. Mr. Caterpillar has picked the perfect spot! Brilliant shots, my dear Hedy! Have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead! xoxo

  4. Good luck. I have enjoyed your posts over the years. I hope you find something to your liking.

    • Ahhhhh I don’t surrender on WP yet…albeit I use Squarespace for my website…I’ll make something work GP…my sloppy blog is a necessity for me☺️💃🤓💚🧡hugs hedy

  5. Please, don’t disappear! I loved your Buddha quotes!


  6. Create your own theme!

    • Yes I see and read more about this possibility always good to learn more along the way 🤓🙏💃happy Sunday Hien ~ hugs hedy 💃🧡💚

  7. You are not the only one who is curious dear Hedy.
    great photos of a caterpillar at ease.
    Have a peaceful day dear friend.

  8. There are several minimalist themes I’ve considered in the past. I’ll see if I can recall them. My current theme, Appleton is pretty slim if you elect to retain your structure, but it is a Gutenberg theme. That means you have quite a bit of control using blocks, but it’s not currently intuitive (beta and not fully documented).

    There are others that follow the more familiar process of design, however. I’ll look to jog my memory and post those on later.


    • Thanks Michael I curious about a “new” theme I’m sad that my previous posts are not what I created☺️😭🥴 but I see lots of choices but I still see that my current theme is DePo Masthead…I’ll figure it out always do 🤓💃thanks kindly Michael ~ hugs and happy Sunday ☀️hedy

  9. The colors in this are beautiful, Hedy. Have a great week.

  10. Perfect words for today. Thanx. Good luck on a smooth transformation.

    • Thanks kindly appreciated it’s been a wild week on many levels big and tiny ☺️🤍🕊 compose a beautiful day ~ sending joy hedy 💫

  11. If this theme is retired why is it still working, maybe you don’t have to do anything? There are plenty of free alternatives, some more customizable than others. Take your time and preview the ones you like to see how everything fits. Have a great day Hedy! 😊

    • ☺️🤷‍♀️maybe but I was on chat with WP a day or so ago and the human said it’s retired…all my white space was removed 🥴😭so the posts aren’t how I created them…but I’ll look into it further Mike thanks for saying and yes the sun is bright ☀️😎👌feels good on the bones

  12. Fun Fact: “When a theme is retired, it no longer appears in the list of themes at Appearance → Themes. However, if the theme is already active on your site, you can continue to use the theme. The theme will usually remain available for the lifetime of your site or blog.”

    • the theme will “usually” 🤓🥴or not…but I’m liking the fun fact now☺️🙏💫

      • As someone once said; Slip quietly out of the noose of your habitual anxious self, release all grasping, and relax into your true nature.🎈🧸🔌🪔🖖

        • Right those Buddhas 🤓sigh…big picture, right ☺️💃🤓🙏thanks kindly Mike I appreciate your words ☺️🧡💚

  13. I am so slow when it comes to technology. I wish I had words of wisdom to share. Hoping you are able to sort the theme out to your satisfaction. I look forward to many more of your posts! Enjoy the day xo

    • I like some things the same miss Parker that safe space to land you know I’ll be in touch with WP already corrected one but I do love white space 🤓💃🥴so I hope it comes back somehow 🪄 hugs hedy and thank you 🙏🧡💚

  14. good luck with the new site and white space but you splashed us with amazing pics and color todaY HEDY. LOVE IT 💖💖

    • hmmm not so much as a new site I hope just my theme 🤓💃☺️🙏the green worm felt like me😂🙏happiness and hugs your way Cindy💫

    • and now I get WP emails saying “Need to refresh your website? We can build it for you.” “Upgrade your website with a new design!”

      Warmly, your Happiness Engineer

      just wow…😂all so curious🤔💰

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  16. Your theme melted away like a slab of butter in the sun?😉

    • Well that’s a good sloppy way for me to think about it Brian…albeit 11 years🤦‍♀️☺️seeing it now is heartbreaking💔but maybe it’s a sign to move on🤓💃sending joy hedy🕊

      • I can imagine the heartbreak. Plus the hassle of looking for a new theme. When I started, I saw dozens and dozens, until I found one that suited me. And still does. I have been thinking of changing it but what for?
        Joy back. 💕🤗 💐

        • that’s what o thought as well Brian…’but for what for?’ and then surprise it was me it was WP that retired the theme…so keep an eye on your dashboard as WP does not notify you via email…and I don’t hang on my dashboard, sigh.

          • WP has pros and cons. It does run more than half the world’s websites. Without major glitches, and blogs for free or a very reasonable cost. On the other hand they can’t resist “fixing what works”… Tsss.

          • I’ve had so little issues and always great help from the happiness engineers…I have 3 subscriptions that I pay for annually…it has to do with the theme developer…and hosting a retired theme isn’t possible…and finding out that theme is retired wasn’t on my radar as I rarely look at my dashboard…always more to learn along the way☺️🤓💃I just need to get my stodgy sloppy blog into the 2022 zone😅

          • I pay for my subscription too. Gives me more storage. (Lots of photos if you know what I mean? 😉)
            And I find the fee very reasonable…
            2022? I kinda wish we were already around 2025, with a few world issues solved?

          • Right, feels so furious and so much angst here in alberta…more mediation and outside time ☺️☀️🌦🌈

  17. I like your photos and words. Please, don’t disappear! Hugs and good luck.

    • hugs received Alex and thank you kindly for your words and always cheering me 🤗🙏🕊it is appreciated very much ~ hugs hedy

      I’m not going away I just need some time to figure out my way as a (sloppy) creative☺️…I do share my mobile fotos on IG if you care to look…until then big thank you and hugs over the pond ☺️☀️hedy

  18. Have you found your new theme?

    • 😔not yet David…appreciate you asking…I’ve hired some help…so still waiting to hear back on that 🙃🙂🤓💫sending you joy hedy💃

  19. What a rude awakening…nothing like having the rug pulled out from under you. But I’m sure you’ll turn it into an opportunity for positive things. Your choice of images for this dilemma – or should I say opportunity – is brilliant! I love the little green worm exploring its colorful neighborhood. May you put away your despair and discover wonderful possibilities!

    • it’s sucks…but it will be amazing again, maybe🤷‍♀️have a joyful day dear Lynn ☺️🙏🤸‍♀️

      • Yet another lesson in attachment, right? 😉

        • Indeed Lynn the Buddha has taught me that “the root of suffering is attachment” because the only constant in the universe is change. And change often involves loss. When you allow yourself to become attached to someone or something, you’re more likely to dwell on the pain of losing them.” ☺️☮️🕉☯️💟hugs hedy

  20. Whatever theme you choose Miss Hedy will be wonderful! Your blog is a treat my friend … Hugs from Frog Pond 😊

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